About The Nail Cure

The Nail Cure was created to help cure and prevent toenail fungus and Athlete’s Foot through the use of effective, natural remedies. With so many ointments and prescription medications available that either do not help or cause harmful side effects, The Nail Cure uses a specially designed treatment plan that is proven for success!


The Nail Cure is consistently reliable to eradicate foot fungus in the shortest time possible, allowing patients to live infection-free. By focusing on both the nail itself and overall internal health, The Nail Cure also provides the incredible benefits of improved gut health and a stronger immune system.


Peter Jones, Founder and Creator of The Nail Cure


Peter Jones has worked as a bodywork therapist since 2002, specialising in foot and ankle disorders. Having helped 1000s of patients with various ailments during that time, Peter realised that toenail fungus was affecting roughly 10% of visitors. Even worse, it seems like no matter what sort of topical ailments they tried, the results were underwhelming and they would be suffering from the infection at their next visit!


Peter knew that there had to be a better way. In 2008, he began researching and developing a reliable and efficient treatment for toenail fungus that would actually work. By taking a holistic approach and considering the impact gut health on fungus growth in the body, as well as the nail itself, Peter created a treatment plan that actually worked!


This powerful treatment plan helped rid patients of toenail fungus and keep them free of infection in the future. Wanting to help others free themselves from the painful and annoying infection, Peter started The Nail Cure to provide high quality fungal relief through an online store.


Today, The Nail Cure has helped thousands of people eradicate foot fungus through a strategically developed treatment plan that is safe, natural and affordable!

Peter Jones NMT, HDip