• Peter Jones

Don’t Let Nail Fungus Stop You Wearing Sandals This Summer!

Are your feet ready for summer? You may have a great pair of new sandals that you can’t wait to show off this summer, but many people worry about baring their feet in the sunshine because they have a fungal nail infection.

Fungal nail infection, or onychomycosis, is a common problem that causes nails to thicken, flake, crumble, or discolour, and it can be very difficult to treat it successfully. Here at The Nail Cure, however, we believe that our comprehensive treatment system can help you to wave goodbye to nail fungus and hello to beautiful sandals all summer long!

How To Prevent And Treat Fungal Nail Infections

1. Wear shoes that let your feet breathe. Shoes that are not made from natural materials can be more likely to harbour the fungi that cause nail infections. You should choose shoes that allow air to circulate, letting your feet breathe, and ensure that you alternate your footwear rather than wearing the same shoes every day, which gives the fungus more opportunity to grow.

2. Change your socks daily. Keeping your feet free of fungus is easier when you change your socks every day, or more frequently if you are exercising.

3. Maintain a good footcare routine. You should wash your feet every day and dry them well, especially in between the toes, an area which can harbour fungi if left damp. After washing and drying, you can treat your feet to a quick massage with some moisturising cream or oil, but be careful to use preparations that do not aggravate any areas of sore or inflamed skin on your feet.

4. Consider your diet. Some fungal infections can be worsened if you eat a lot of sugar or yeast containing foods that can upset the balance in your body. If you get frequent fungal nail infections, or find that the treatment you try is ineffective, you may find that addressing your diet is helpful.

5. Use Formula 3. Formula 3 is an innovative solution to nail fungus, containing oil-soluble tolnaftate in jojoba, which quickly penetrates the skin and allows effective targeting of the fungus infected areas. It works so well because jojoba mimics natural oils in our skin, so absorption is fast, especially if applied after showering when the skin is most absorbent. One bottle of this product will last 3-6 months, so you can be sure of great looking feet and a cost effective solution, too!

Treat Fungal Nail Infections With The Nail Cure

For a comprehensive solution to the problem of fungal nail infections, you need The Nail Cure. You’ll receive the fantastic eBook The Nail Cure free when you purchase the Nail Fungus Treatment Kit, and you’ll find the best way to banish fungal nail infections forever. Visit us online today and start getting your feet ready for the summer!