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Nail Fungus Treatment: Pharmacy Brands Are Not Cheaper Or Better

If you’re suffering with a fungal nail infection, or onychomycosis, you will want a solution that is cost effective and can make a long term difference to your nails. Nail fungus can cause nails to thicken, flake, crumble, or discolour, and treating it can be a long process. However, with Formula 3, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you notice a difference.

A product that really works will contain complex formulations designed to target the problem area, and people are often surprised by the costs involved. Many people are tempted to go with the brands that appear to be cheapest at the pharmacy, but these are usually sold in much smaller quantities, meaning that you will need to purchase the product again and again to see lasting results. We believe that Formula 3 offers great quality ingredients and a reliable solution to this problem, and we’re proud that it is available at such a competitive price. Here’s why it will work out to be the best option for you:

Price Comparison: Nail Fungus Treatment

1. Formula 3. Formula 3 is designed to target nail fungus with the perfect combination of oil-soluble tolnaftate and jojoba oil. These ingredients are formulated to mimic the natural oils in our skin, so they are absorbed quickly and can get to work straightaway. Formula 3 is priced at €40 for 15ml, and we estimate that this quantity will last for 3-6 months.


This treatment pen offers a quick and easy way to apply the product, and comes with 3 replaceable tips and 5 nail files. However, at €23.99 for just 4ml, this product offers a much more expensive option than Formula 3, coming in at €89.96 for 15ml. Taking the current special offer, buy one get one half price, into account, this comes down to €67.47, over 50% more expensive than Formula 3.

3. Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment. This formulation, which is suitable for mild fungal nail conditions, provides a treatment that is applied once a week for nine months, or until the condition improves. This is priced at €24.99 for 3.8ml, which means that 15ml would cost €74.97, after the buy one get one half price offer is applied.

It is clear to see from the options above that Formula 3 offers a much more affordable solution, and we know that it is also a more effective option for treating fungal nail infections, too.

Solve The Problem Of Fungal Nail Infections With The Nail Cure

For a comprehensive solution to fungal nail infections, you will love The Nail Cure. You’ll receive the fantastic eBook The Nail Cure free when you purchase the Nail Fungus Treatment Kit, and you will discover a range of products that put your feet first and help you to banish fungal nail infections forever. Here’s to happy feet!

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