The Nail Cure Offers a 4 Step Treatment Program that

Cures Toenail Fungus Quickly and Effectively!

Heading 1

Heading 1

We do not not simply sell ointments and medications, we are dedicated to curing foot fungus by creating a full treatment plan that attacks the issue from all aspects.

From topical ointment to preventing fungal growth in your body, our treatment plan uses a strategically designed fusion of remedies to help to stay fungus free!

Step 1 - Treating the Nail with a Topical Solution that Works


We employ the help of potent oil-soluble tolnaftate-based topical solution Formula 3. The powerful blend includes natural jojoba oil, which is quickly absorbed by the skin to deliver the fungus-killing tolnaftate directly to the infected area.

Formula 3

Step 2 - Treating Fungus from the Inside-Out


Focusing on the root causes of your fungus, Maxzorb Total Digestion utilizes a multi-strain probiotic blend and digestive enzymes to serve up a dose of complete digestive care. This helps regulate your gut health, ensuring that good bacteria is present in your system to prevent fungus from growing.


Another incredible internal fungus killer is Olive Leaf Extract. This natural extract contains an active ingredient called Oleuropein, which protects the gut from unhealthy bacteria growth which causes candida and other digestion issues.


Step 3 - Keeping Your Shoes Free of Bacteria and Fungus


If it’s on your toes, there is a good chance that it’s in your shoes! Most people that suffer from toenail fungus have shoes that are filled with bacteria and bad odour. The perfect breeding ground for fungal growth, the sweaty and damp nature of shoes can be a major contributing factor to toenail fungus.


Luckily, Clean Sweep is able to kill 99.9% of odour causing bacteria and fungus on contact. Just one simple spray in your shoes and you will keep them free from potential fungus growth!

Clean Sweep

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Step 4 - Feed Yourself, Starve the Fungus


Like everything in your body, diet can play an important role in curing and preventing toenail fungus. While not solely responsible for fungus, maintaining a healthy diet with rich nutrients will boost your immune system, helping to prevent internal fungal growth.


The  Fungus Removal Kit includes a free copy of ‘The Nail Cure’ ebook, which contains great tips for a diet that helps fight against foot fungus.

Healthy Eating

Purchase the Nail Fungus Treatment Kit now and you will receive a free copy of my eBook "The Nail Cure".

In it you will learn why you should take your nail fungus more seriously and how to tailor your diet to help rid yourself of nail fungus once and for all!!